Join the food and the fun.


Celebrate Boulder’s abundant local food scene. Join Slow Food Boulder and rediscover the honest pleasures of food.

Slow Food is an international non-profit organization that celebrates local food traditions and supports a revival of the kitchen and table as centers of pleasure, culture and community. As a member of Slow Food Boulder, you’ll join fellow members in sampling all the fruits of our thriving local agricultural scene — from locally produced cheeses to heirloom vegetables.

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Why Become a Member?


Connect with other people who care about the same kinds of things you care about.

You receive discounts and special invitations to local, national and international events, including Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto.

Learn more about good, clean and fair food and the slow food movement.

You receive an exclusive print magazine that showcases what is happening in the Slow Food movement locally, nationally and internationally and access to special members-only offers and previews.

Engage in helping to make a more good, clean and fair food system.

You receive opportunities to get involved in national campaigns and local activities and projects.

Support an organization that shares your values and is working to make the kind of change in the world you want to see.

Your membership card proclaims your commitment to Slow Food values. You ARE the Slow Food movement

Where does the money go?


Your membership supports a national network of 175 chapters, including ours.


The National School Garden ProgramSlow MeatArk of Taste all benefit from your membership.


Terra MadreGardens in Africa are just a few of global impacts being a Slow Food member creates.


To join Slow Food, visit the national website: JOIN US. Our local chapter will be notified upon receipt of your donation/membership payment.